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The City of Oregon is truly one of the most livable small cities in Illinois, with an unparalleled high quality of life. A recent community survey reveals the most popular reasons why people have chosen to stay or move to Oregon include our community character, accessibility to nearby recreation, and the price/value of housing.

As the government seat of Ogle County, Oregon has the conveniences and lifestyle of a complete community, as opposed to a bedroom community of a larger city. We are geographically well-positioned to be a day-trip away from widely diverse experiences: Chicago’s downtown, Wisconsin ski resorts, or Mississippi River recreation. The nearby cities of Rockford, Sterling, and DeKalb have large retail shopping districts for the convenience of our residents; yet at the end of the day, one can be here in Oregon strolling quiet neighborhoods, canoeing on the Rock River, visiting friends and families at a school sporting event, or enjoying fine food and wine at a one of our stylish restaurants. Oregon has the comforts and opportunities of a larger city, yet feels a hundred miles away from the rush and crowds of urban life.


We encourage you to visit our city website for additional details about what makes us ‘Uniquely Oregon!’



Oregon History

Oregon Illinois has a very unique history. The name Oregon means “River of the West”. Read more



Oregon Shopping

Oregon has a wide variety of retail options! Additional nearby shopping districts in Rockford, Sterling, and DeKalb. Read more



Oregon Tourism

Oregon boasts beautiful parks, vibrant annual festivals, world-renowned art, riverboat rides, and so much more! Read more


Public Services

Oregon Police Department

Oregon is here to serve you! You’re sure to find that whatever you need is right around the corner. Read more


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